Soul Connections

Soul Connections

soul connections

it is
the one
who held their breath
with caution
as your chubby feet
took their first steps

the one who spoke first,
will you be my friend?
as they held out a kind hand

it is they with whom
you accompanied so many youthful adventures
childhood bike rides through the woods
growing pains and ‘i-wish-i-coulds

it is they who gave you
your first kiss
that tiny, innocent, physical act
which somehow ignites within you
a confirmation of your potential
to be loved

it is they with whom you
build a life with
and share a forever bond
making love and tiny humans
compromise, roots, and graying hair

eventually, it is also the one
whose tiny, glimmering eyes
look to you for all the answers
yet somehow, become the real teacher

but also, it is the one
whose job was to nurture you
but hurt you instead

but also, it is the one
with whom you thought
you’d found a kindred spirit
and wound up becoming
just another ex-friend

but also, it is the one
who deserted you,
worked you up to a belief of
mutual love and companionship
only to walk away
without warning

but also, it is the one
who slammed the door shut
so another could unlock it,
and open it gently

all of them,
are soulmates
through all of them,
we learn

through all of them,
we are given
a mixture of pain and love

your soulmate is not just your lover
it is
your grandmother
your cousin
your friend
it is the first boy
who made your heart
go wild
and the last man to
kiss you goodnight
it is with whom you say your vows
but also with whom you sign your dissolution papers

our soulmates
are teachers
and we all

Kat Augusto

Hey, readers. I know it’s been a while since I posted. The last six months have been so busy getting used to life as a mom of two. I’ve been writing a ton, just not necessarily for my blog. I wanted to share this poem I wrote a while back. I’ve mentioned before that I’m working on two novels and I’ve written poetry for almost my entire life. However, sharing my work is something that terrifies me! But as I approach 30, and find myself knee-deep in my Saturn return, I feel like now is the time to push back against that fear.

So this is me dipping my toes in… I hope it resonates with someone out there ♥

If you’d like to see more of my poetry in the future I’m toying around with posting some of it on a separate Instagram. This is the link if you’re interested .

I’m also working on a post for this blog that I hope to have up soon.

Sending love & light,

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