2019 Thanksgiving Playlist ♫

2019 Thanksgiving Playlist ♫

Thanksgiving week has finally arrived!  The turkey has been moved from the freezer to the fridge, the deep cleaning is well underway, and last-minute odds and ends will be done by Tuesday.


So let’s see here… Menu? Check. Groceries? Check. Tableware? Check.  Music? CHECK!

That’s right! You can’t forget your playlist for Thanksgiving dinner! Crafting a playlist for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do and over the years I’ve enjoyed finding songs that fit the Thanksgiving mood without being Christmas songs necessarily.

Not that there’s anything wrong with boppin’ to Christmas music on Thanksgiving! I just prefer to save the Christmas music for Christmas and play a mix of acoustics, and upbeat classics for Thanksgiving dinner. I had fun creating a new playlist for this year so I thought why not share it!

I will be taking this Wednesday off from posting a blog but I will be back on Friday with our Thanksgiving recap so stay tuned.

Until then I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving, eat alllll the yummy food and enjoy quality time with your family and friends!


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