Favorite Books for Toddlers (2 – 4 years old)

Favorite Books for Toddlers (2 – 4 years old)

When it comes to parenting advice, especially for your first child, the comments are endless. While some are helpful, others rude, not much truly stuck with me if I’m being honest. But there was one piece of advice that did.

When Julia was in the NICU there were so many unknowns. No one could give us a concrete answer about what to expect. Over and over we were told the term every HIE family is all too familiar with, “wait and see”. It was scary not knowing how her birth would affect her development. To say the least, we were scared and discouraged.

There was, however, one kind lady, a nurse practitioner working the NICU one afternoon who gave us the single piece of advice that stuck with us. She told us that one of the best things we could provide for our child was a good home life, and, to read to her often. She said that those two things could be instrumental in the development of any child. And so, from the day she came home, we did indeed read to her every single day. By age 2.5 she had begun to memorize some of her favorite books! and we still enjoy reading sessions together daily. I have seen with my own eyes the benefits of daily reading since birth. Julia has a vast vocabulary and her pediatrician has told us that her speech is advanced for her age. Julia loves books, and whether it is because she takes after me (I taught myself how to read at 4 with a sight words book and have loved reading since), or because reading to her since birth encouraged it, I hope that her love of reading never goes away.

When Julia was a baby I made a post about our favorite books in her library. Today, I would like to share some more of our favorite books; ones that she is loving in the toddler age.

The Frog and Toad Series by Arnold Lobel

Frog and Toad Are Friends - Audiobook | Listen Instantly!

I will admit, the first time I heard about Frog and Toad was through an internet meme. You know the one… I thought it was hilarious and had no idea that it was from a children’s book series. You can imagine my excitement when one day back when I was still pregnant with Julia, I found a 3-book collection of Frog and Toad stories at TjMaxx! I purchased it and went home and read them myself. They are for children, but I’ll tell you, as an adult, I find them absolutely hilarious! Frog and Toad are best friends who have many ordinary and extraordinary adventures together. Julia absolutely loves this series and I noticed it was on the summer reading list suggestion for my 8-year-old niece as well. I highly recommend Frog and Toad!

Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You! by Elizabeth Dennis Barton, Charles M. Schulz

Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You is another one of Julia’s favorites and one of the books she has memorized. She actually received this book as a gift from my aunt, who always gets her a book with every birthday/Christmas present – something I appreciate so much! The message of this book is pretty straightforward, it preaches being kind to others, believing in yourself, and simply being yourself! It is a great book to introduce these important topics to young readers.

We’re Different, We’re The Same by Joe Mathieu

We’re Different, We’re The Same is a book that teaches children about diversity in a way that is easy for them to understand. It celebrates all of our differences and also talks about the ways in which we are all alike. This became a quick favorite for Julia since it is also Sesame Street themed. We are big Sesame Street (and PBS) fans around here! Julia has learned so many valuable lessons from their programming.

The Story of Rock by Lindsey Sager

Amazon.com: The Story of Rock (9781684125098): Editors of Caterpillar Books,  Sagar, Lindsey: Books

Books can be so many things. Some stories are a wonderful escape, some are relatable. Books can also be a great learning tool to teach kids about not just the ABCs but also life skills, manners, and history! When I saw this book at Target I could not resist. Julia loves music and this children’s book about the history of rock music seemed like a perfect way to introduce some music history lessons! It was an added bonus that No Doubt was mentioned in this book because Julia loves No Doubt and Gwen Stefani’s music. This book is currently Julia’s favorite according to her when I ask 🙂

Chicka Chika Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr., and John Archambault

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

The last book on my list is Chicka Chika Boom Boom. Although this a toddler book list, I think this particular book would be enjoyed by babies too. It is a sing songy, rhyming tale. It is both fun to read and educational, as it helps kids get familiar with all the different letters and what they look like. Julia loves to read along to this one!

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That wraps up my list of our favorite toddler books.

In the comments below I would love if you shared your child’s favorite books and their age – or even your own favorite books from when you were a kid!

As always,

Sending love & light,

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