Halloween 2019!

Halloween 2019!

Happy November 1st! Wow, I can’t believe I just wrote that! October seems to have flown right on by. October wouldn’t be complete without having an awesome, fun-filled Halloween and that’s exactly what we did!

halloween1This year was Julia’s 3rd Halloween and she went dressed up as a Pumpkin! We got her costume in September on Amazon before the prices went up which I definitely recommend doing if you can.

Initially, it was expected to storm on Halloween so we made plans to trickortreat at the local mall. This would be Julia’s very first trick-or-treating experience since last year we only visited family. We arrived at the mall right at 5pm and it was already PACKED! I’m talking crowded as all heck. I was honestly really surprised, especially since it hadn’t even rained. Julia was a little confused at first and a little overwhelmed but we walked through about 3/4 of it before we called it a day since it was so busy and we had other stops to make. She was very intrigued by all the other kids and their costumes and smiled every time she got a new candy.

After the mall, we visited some family and Julia got to see her cousin Willow. Afterward, we went home and since the weather was still nice and dry we trick-or-treated at a few neighbors’ houses! Julia enjoyed this much more than the mall experience so we’ll probably just skip that in the future if it doesn’t rain. She knew how to say trick-or-treat, thanks, and happy Halloween but preferred to only say happy Halloween! as she approached people’s houses.

Overall Julia had a blast! While she was taking her bath she proclaimed “I love Halloween” and she fell straight asleep and stayed asleep all the way till 6am (which is a “late” for her lol).

Thanks for reading and I hope that you had a wonderful Halloween as well!


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