How To Be Grateful For What You Have (in a world that says you need more)

How To Be Grateful For What You Have (in a world that says you need more)

“Remember the days you prayed for what you have now…”

There will always be *something* we want in life that we are working towards. Whether it is material things such as a vehicle, computer, house, etc or life goals such as finding love, having a child, obtaining a degree or publishing your own work — there will always be SOMETHING we are hoping to achieve. It’s a good thing — goals keep us going.

pen-calendar-to-do-checklistHowever, with certain goals taking years to achieve, life can sometimes seem like a never ending queue of boxes to check off and it is easy to get overwhelmed with this if you have too much on your plate or too strict of a timeline. There seems to be a constant pressure from society to do more, own more, “have it all” and this can wind up being an exhaustive narrative to keep up with.

Today I’m challenging you to take a break! Give yourself a break from the external and internal pressure to check off all the boxes.


Why? So that you can take the time to feel gratitude for what you DO have. Think about those goals you used to have, that you achieved. Think about the things you used to pray or dream about that you have now. Consider all the the blessings you may often take for granted, things as simple as food, shelter, clothes — if you can’t think of anything else.

Making an intention to be grateful helps you to see all the good that is already in your life and makes you realize that those things you are yearning for, can and will come in time.

What works for me is making a list. This can be helpful because a list is something you can look back on later on if you’re feeling down about how things are going. You can even take it a step further, consider making a gratitude journal that you commit to writing in daily or weekly. I made my own list for this post and simply writing down some things I am grateful for lifted my mood (after a crazy emotional day and week) so much! I really do encourage you to do the same.



Today I am grateful for my husband : who has given me the love and friendship I craved so badly my entire life and didn’t know I would be so blessed with, especially sooner than I thought. How a stranger so quickly became my best friend, truest love and ultimate support system is still baffling to me. I am so grateful for him.

60158525_10216893060813341_1145164729245761536_nToday I am grateful for my daughter : the child I dreamt about for years, the girl I never thought I would get to have. She has given my life a large amount of purpose. She has taught me things about myself that I never knew I needed to learn. She grew my heart even bigger than I knew it could grow. I am so grateful for her.

seasonalToday I am grateful for my home : to live in nice apartment, with kind landlords, in a safe part of the city, with space for my daughter to play and for us all to be comfortable. It may be temporary, but even in its temporary-ness it holds memories that will never be forgotten. I will always cherish the memories that have happened in these walls. Being a newlywed, hosting holidays and dinners, bringing home my baby, and seeing her grow and flourish. I am so grateful for this home.

pexels-photo-1799342Today I am grateful for : the internet and the connection and voice it allows me. There was a time in my childhood where I was pretty much friendless. Back then, my cat was my best companion (and he was wonderful at it and so appreciated! r.i.p my Lucky boy). The various internet friends I’ve made from junior high school years to the present day, I am so grateful for.


I could really go on and on, and I’m sure once you get started, you could too. Being intentionally grateful helps you to see all the good that is already in your life and it makes you realize that those things you are yearning for, can and will come in time. Everything that is meant to be will make its way into your life. I’m a big believer in the law of attraction and that expressing your gratitude often will in turn attract more to be grateful for into your life!

I encourage you to make your own gratitude journal or list and see how this little practice can make a big change in your over-all life ♡


Sending love & feeling grateful for YOU landing on my page,




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