Persist Like A Lotus

Persist Like A Lotus

Hello there readers. I hope that you are feeling and doing well ❤

Today I want to talk about the Lotus flower and why we can all learn something from it (especially with what is going on in the world right now).


The lotus is a beautiful flower that originates in Asia.

The thing that makes this flower so special is the way that it grows.

“The Lotus plant is an aquatic perennial, native to southern Asia and Australia and most commonly cultivated in water gardens. The plant has its roots firmly in the mud and sends out long stems to which their leaves are attached. The leaves are sometimes, and Lotus flowers always, raised above the water surface.” (Source)

For the lotus flower to bloom and show the world it’s beauty, it first has to grow and emerge from muddy waters. Think about that for a minute. How incredible is the persistence of the lotus? What can we learn from it?

Well, I’m far from the first person to look at the life cycle of a lotus and be inspired. In fact, the lotus is an important symbol in Buddhism where it represents, purity, faithfulness, and spiritual awakening.

I see the lotus as a symbol of persistence too – it begins its journey buried, not just in the dirt, but in the mud. But the lotus doesn’t give up hope on finding the light.
It persists. And persists. And persists. Until it emerges from the water and blooms.


Whether you are struggling because of the uncertainties this pandemic has brought to many of our lives, or maybe you are struggling with mental health issues either unrelated to or amplified by current events – know that one day (hopefully soon) this chapter of the journey this will be behind us.

Our lives tend to ebb and flow and I know that the world as a whole is struggling a little more right now, but this will not last forever.

It’s more important than ever to take care of yourself as best you can. Take your medications. Get fresh air. Disconnect from social media, increase connection with those you care about via text/calls. Journal. Sleep.

We will emerge from the muddy water of this uncertain time and life will regain normalcy again. This is a time for us to stay in and reflect. To find hope. To work on ourselves if we can, or at the very least take care of ourselves.

If all you do today, tomorrow, and next month is survive – that is enough. You are still growing. You are still getting out of the mud and into the light. Day by day.

The next chapter of our story is being written,  we just have to see through this chapter first.

I have hope that we will walk away from this time in our lives with a new appreciation for normalcy.

The every day.

The status quo. 

The morning commute.

The shopping trip.

The “night on the town”.

The family dinners and drop-in visits.

Things we may have taken for granted. 

Life will be normal again. This crazy time, our time in the mud, will not last forever.

We will emerge from this.



Before I end this post I want to share some resources for those who may be struggling:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Phone: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line for those struggling with anxiety or self-harm
Number to text: Text HOME to 741741


Stay safe friends. The world needs you.


Sending love & light,


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