Something To Remember During The Holiday Season…

Something To Remember During The Holiday Season…

Happy Monday readers 🙂 I hope this post finds you doing and feeling well.

I’ve been feeling a little off for the past couple of days. I didn’t post on Friday and I’ve been feeling creatively, and emotionally drained. And honestly?  A little sad about some things that I can’t control.

 I know I’m not alone in this, and that’s why I want to talk about it today.

The holidays, ideally, should be a time of celebration, joy, connection, and happiness. And for myself, I do feel all these things when I’m with Kevin and Julia and a few other people that are dear to me. Having a husband that is my best friend and a daughter who is my absolute world has given the holidays a new meaning for me. Nothing makes me happier or more at peace than seeing their faces on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning and knowing that they’re my people. That we are a family, the three of us.


Life is complicated though, and for myself and many others the holidays can also bring out feelings of sadness, disappointment, and grief. Many of us have strained family relationships, have lost a loved one who is still sorely missed (which tends to hit more during holidays) or are maybe feeling lonely because they don’t have anyone to spend the holidays with.

There are people who have moved far from their families for school or jobs who may not be able to afford a flight home. There are people who simply don’t have any family or friends that they can spend the day with. And there are people who have to spend the day with people who they feel uncomfortable with. These are all valid reasons to feel sad around the holidays, along with so many more I could add but it’s not about the reason but rather the understanding that the holidays can be difficult for many people.

I’m just asking you to remember to be kind this holiday season.


Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.


Please try not to lose your patience with others during the hustle and bustle of this season. Extend some unexpected kindness to a stranger, or a friend or family member.

Be a listening ear to those who may be struggling, and hold space rather than give unsolicited advice. I say this with emphasis because it is something that is so important and we all (myself included. This is something I’m working on) tend to give our unsolicited advice at times when someone just needs you to validate that their feelings matter.

Telling someone who has a strained relationship with one of their parents that they should “just forgive them because you only have one mom/dad” is truly not helpful. Telling them that you understand that the strained relationship must be difficult to cope with and that you are there to support them if they need to talk – is more helpful.

It’s vital to remember that we aren’t experiencing each other’s lives. We only know a little glimpse – even the best of friends might not share certain things with each other because it’s too painful, or even embarrassing.

Holding space means to simply support someone. Don’t judge, don’t try to give unrequested advice – instead, support them and stand by them. Let them know that you’re there.

So…be kind. Check-in on your friends. Smile at the strangers you run into at the store, young and old. No amount of kindness is ever wasted. 

Even if you yourself are struggling, we all have a little light we can offer to others to make this season, and this world, a little more bright.


Love and light, always,


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