What I Learned From 2020

What I Learned From 2020

Nothing is guaranteed.
Isolation is lonely but it can trigger growth.
Every single person is flawed.
Forgiveness isn’t always necessary…
…but letting go of our attachments to pain is.
Self-advocacy can feel uncomfortable but it is essential.
Expectations are useless.
Boundaries are important.
Trust your intuition.
Gratitude has a positive ripple effect.
You cannot plan everything.
Children are incredibly resilient and we have so much to learn from them.
How people present themselves on social media is often a façade.
Comparison will always be the thief of joy.
No trial is given without a lesson to be gained
(though sometimes you have to squint to see it)
Vulnerability is strength, not weakness.
We can heal each other with our honesty.
Hobbies nourish your soul – you don’t have to be “good” at them.
Distracting yourself from your pain doesn’t make it go away…
…but honoring all your feelings, good and bad, can help you to grow and heal.
Nothing in life will ever be perfect.
Focus on the good.

This year was rough in so many ways but it wasn’t without sprinkles of good, too. I am going into 2021 with hope and optimism because 2020 taught me that even during the darkest of times, personally and globally, there are still things to celebrate.

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