20 Things to do With your Toddler

20 Things to do With your Toddler

Oh, toddlers. Little humans packed with endless energy and curiosity! If you’re like me and always looking for new ideas of what to do to keep your little one happy, learning and entertained check out this list of 20 things to do with your toddler!
Most of these things are either free, cheap or involve supplies that can be purchased from the dollar store. I hope you enjoy! And please share your favorite toddler activities! 🙂

  1. Color with crayons and a coloring book, or plain paper

  2. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and let them pick flowers they find along the way

  3. Get a zoo membership if there is one near you! (If you have a zoo in your city like we do, being a resident can get you a discounted membership and children are usually free up until 3 years old so at this age a membership winds up being pretty affordable)

  4. Visit a local Children’s Museum

  5. Go to the dollar store and pick out some inexpensive craft supplies and let them create some art

  6. Give them a sheet of paper and a sheet of stickers and let them stick the stickers on the sheet

  7. Bring them to a new nature environment such as, a hike path, pond or beach

  8. Involve them in cooking or baking such as clearing off a spot on the counter for them to sit on (constantly supervised of course) and their own bowl to “mix” ingredients (real or imaginary!)

  9. Put on some music and dance together!

  10. Blow bubbles and challenge them to poke all the bubbles before they hit the ground!

  11. Have them help you with gardening! We recently took Julia with us to plant some flowers at my grandparents grave site and she loved copying dad shoveling the dirt.

  12. Practice identifying body parts, like their nose, eyes, ears, etc

  13. Play hide and seek! Julia is almost 2 and she is starting to understand this concept! – except she always has wants to be the seeker 😉

  14. Involve them in house chores! Chores don’t have to be miserable to children. A friend of ours got Julia her very own child sized broom and cleaning supply set and Julia loves to sweep with her own broom, especially when she sees me sweeping.

  15. Visit a pet store! Once in a while we go to PetCo simply to say hi to the fish, ferrets, mice, exotic birds and other animals they have there. The best part is its completely free!

  16. If it has recently rained, let them have fun splashing in puddles!

  17. Make some Moon Sand for a fun sensory experience! (Moon Sand instructions)

  18. Practice throwing and catching a ball!

  19. Get out the blocks and see how high they can stack them!

  20. ..and of course! Get out of the house and go to a play ground when the weather allows!


What are some of your favorite toddler activities? Please share in the comments below! 🙂



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