Fight Back Against The Resistance To Create

Fight Back Against The Resistance To Create

I want to share some advice I heard the other day in a podcast that really stuck with me. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been binging on podcasts lately, specifically Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations (I listen for free on Spotify). I listened to the episode “Steven Pressfield: Unlock Your Creative Genius” and the message is one that has stayed with me over the past few days.

Steven talks about how resistance almost always shows up when we are about to create something, whether it is a lifestyle change, entrepreneurship, even something as simple as writing a blog post and how fighting back against the resistance is so important because it is the often the biggest hurdle between you and your goal.

I could go on more about this but I really suggest just listening to the podcast!

I felt as though this concept could apply to so many areas of my life..Two main ones being my desire to write but feeling held back, and the second being my desire to know God beyond the context of the (or any) religion I was raised in. But since this is a blogging site I felt like sharing my insight on my writing hurdle in this post .

I have been wanting to blog more but I have been feeling stuck. When I was younger and going through the grieving of my grandmother and struggles of adolescence I used to think I could only write somber things. Once my situation had improved my creative brain was silent. The words that once flowed out just wouldn’t come. Now, years later I’ve realized sometimes you just have to start. Sometimes you have to dig deeper rather then let that initial feeling of resistance hold you back. Not everything you want to write about or are meant to write about will flow easily.

If writing is what you want to do, type s o m e t h i n g. Open the notepad and just write. It could literally be nonsense. It could mean absolutely nothing, and I have done this many times! But sometimes in the midst of typing ramblings a solid idea will come through. And sometimes it wont. But what matters is you fought back against whatever feelings that were holding you back, whether it is feelings of inadequacy, lack of motivation, etc.

There’s always something within you. Sometimes it takes a quiet moment of mindfulness to just disconnect from the world and think. What is it you want to do? Sometimes you may think your creative brain is quiet, but it might actually just be shy 😉 (I just realized how incredibly corny this sounds but I’m leaving it in because someone might get what I mean). If you’re feeling held back, push back against that feeling. You may not come out with the greatest work of your life, but you wrote something, and that counts.

I hope this post finds you well. Have a wonderful day

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