2019 Christmas Decorating

2019 Christmas Decorating

I am so excited to finally have all of our Christmas decorations out. Our home feels so festive and cheerful!

This year we continued our tradition of putting the Christmas tree up Thanksgiving night while Julia was in bed. When she got up in the morning she walked into the family room and her eyes lit up! Finally her very own “ho ho tree” had arrived… ?

In today’s post, I want to share with you a few photos of our Christmas decorations this year. I hope this post finds you well and cozy and thank you so much for stopping by!

Julia’s reaction to seeing the Christmas tree finally set up
We saved a few ornaments for her to put on the tree

A mix of old and new – some of our ornaments have been with us since our childhood

At the top of our tree is “Phyllis Button”. Phyllis was a homemade ornament from Kevin’s childhood who almost got thrown out a few years back. Instead of being thrown out Kevin saved her and she’s gone on to live her best life (we brought her with us to Mexico and staged some funny pictures ?) and has been sort of a family joke ever since. When it’s not Christmas we take turns hiding her around the house lol
I always wanted a white Christmas tree and last year I snagged this one for under 20$. This year I decorated it in a red, green and gold theme.

This baby Jesus belonged to my grandparents and even survived a small house fire, so it’s considered to be quite special. I’m honored to have possession of it. Since Julia is still so young I display it in our hutch so it doesn’t get accidentally broken.


Thank you for reading!

Sending love, light and holiday cheer,


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