6 Things That Will Make Your Home Feel Cozier

6 Things That Will Make Your Home Feel Cozier

Today I want to share with you the things I do to make our home feel cozy all year long. We currently rent so these are things anyone can do that do not require too much alteration to the space you are already working with.

1: House Plants


plantsIt is scientifically proven that keeping plants in our homes improves our mood and lowers our stress and I can attest to this!  I currently have 12 indoor plants and I absolutely love the feeling of having greenery in my home. It is important to mention that you should read the care tags before purchasing a plant to make sure you have the amount of light it needs and how often it need to be watered and how (we used to have a bonsai that needed to be watered with ice cubes). Finding plant stands that fit your style is also so much fun! We were lucky enough to get most of our plant stands from my mother in law who had some extras in her basement, technically they’re “vintage” but we spruced them up with a fresh coat of gold spray paint and I absolutely love them!

2: Seasonal Decor

seasonalI love to decorate my home according to the seasons. Spring and summer are hardest for me because there aren’t really any holidays to decorate around but for those months I try to keep things really light and airy and get fresh flowers as often as possible. In the fall and winter however, it is so much fun to decorate according to the holidays. There is something soo inviting about holiday decor! I love having all the pumpkins and cozy fall candles from September through November. Then naturally right after Thanksgiving (literally that same night lol) we dive into the Christmas decor! After Christmas I focus on warm, comforting elements since our winters are so long. Things like fleece blankets on the couch, a fully stocked coffee and coco bar, and the last of my winter decor that isn’t Christmas related (such as snow man nick nacks) keep us feeling cozy until the spring. My favorite places to get home decor is Christmas Tree Shop, Tj Maxx, and Hobby Lobby.

3: Framed Photographs

framed photosI think this is one of the easiest way to make your space feel like home! Printing photos and getting frames doesn’t have to be expensive either. We get prints from CVS as they tend to have great sales and coupons. We also regularly get our frames at the Dollar Tree, because well, with a very curious toddler, it’s less disappointing if she happens to break one by accident. If you find the frames at the Dollar Tree to be too flimsy (sometimes they are) check out your local thrift store! Our local Saver’s often has pretty decent frames for as low as 2$! It beats paying 7-10$ at other stores. I only buy a full price frame for special things such as wedding photos or sentimental photo gifts.

4: Tidiness

I feel most comfortable at home when my space is tidy. I try to take time each day to get our main living areas neat and tidy, especially before we go to bed.  Clutter has been scientifically proven to increase our stress, anxiety and fatigue levels and make it harder for us to focus. Tidying up throughout the day is an easy way to keep up with clutter so it never becomes all consuming.

5: Scent

scentWhether you prefer to light candles, simmer citrus and vanilla on your stove top or diffuse essential oils, adding scent to your home is a wonderful way to make it feel cozy. I have been known to light Christmas candles any time of the year just because I love the smell of a good cinnamon or gingerbread candle!




6: Sentimental Touches

sentimentWhen decorating your home I think it is always nice to add sentimental touches to the mix. I have a few pieces in my home that belonged to my grandparents that I truly cherish and enjoy seeing throughout the day. I also have the traditional wedding anniversary gifts Kevin and I have got. (Paper: a framed drawing of our wedding day, Cotton: A framed sheet of fabric with our first dance lyrics on it, Leather: …. we’re still working on getting that one LOL).
Sentimental touches are things you can’t get just anywhere, and they bring the feeling of “home” to any place, rented or owned, and that is something I feel that we all strive for.


What are some things you do to make your space feel more cozy? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Sending you peace and calm,



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