Dear New Mom,

Dear New Mom,

There are so many things that you should know. Now, I’m not talking about how to swaddle a baby while bleary-eyed at 3 am in the morning…that is a talent few master and I have no advice for (I opted for a velcro swaddle after a few weeks and have purchased one for every friend/family baby shower since.). I’m also not talking about figuring out the perfect schedule for your baby, or how to pick the right diapers or wipes.

I’m talking about things that people aren’t screaming from the rooftops or writing blog posts about. The things companies won’t make commercials about because it won’t make them any money to do so. But the following things need to be said and heard by all moms, especially new ones.

What you should know is …

❤ It’s okay and normal if you did not have an instant bond with your baby at birth. It doesn’t mean that you love them any less. And it doesn’t mean that you won’t grow to form that bond.

❤ You are allowed to grieve over your birth experience. Bringing a baby into this world is seldom a simple, easy experience. It is oftentimes, scary and sometimes life-threatening. Birth trauma is more common than it is discussed. Your feelings about your birth, all of them, are valid.

❤ Most people don’t “snap back”. Pregnancy and birth change our bodies forever. Be gentle with yourself.

❤ Postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are both common and treatable. There is no shame in talking to your doctor about it and asking for help.

❤ Fed is best. Period.

❤ Social media/mommy influencers rarely talk about or show pictures of REAL life. Do not compare yourself to the people pretending to have the perfect life on social media. It is rarely a depiction of their actual life. Motherhood is not sunshine and rainbows and color-coordinated Instagram feeds.

❤ Your place in your baby’s life cannot be replaced by anyone else.

You are exactly the right mama for your baby.

Sending love & light,

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