Starting New Traditions – Happy 1/2 Birthday Julia!

Starting New Traditions – Happy 1/2 Birthday Julia!

When we became parents, my husband I knew that we wanted to give our child/ren a childhood filled with warm family memories and traditions. Recently we celebrated Julia’s very first “1/2 Birthday”! I had seen photos of 1/2 birthday celebrations on Pinterest and thought it would be such a fun idea to do every year on her 1/2 birthday!

This year we decided to celebrate by doing a little photoshoot with a cupcake, and let her have a little taste of the frosting (see her reaction below). Let’s be real – it was a good excuse for me and my husband to eat a cupcake too!

We also got her a card and wrote a note inside telling her what she is like at 6 months old, and how proud we are of her.

I think this will be a fun tradition to continue with going forward, and I can’t wait until she is old enough to have fun with it too!

(BTW – Her adorable heart headband is from my favorite Etsy shop!)



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