How to Incorporate Hygge Into Your Life ( + a list of activities!)

How to Incorporate Hygge Into Your Life ( + a list of activities!)

pexels-photo-1866761Hygge. You may have heard this term floating around in recent years. In truth, it’s not actually a new thing but rather something Danish people have been practicing for years – a cultural tradition. After learning about Hygge it shouldn’t surprise you that the people of Denmark are considered to be some of the happiest people in the world!

Hygge (pronounced “hoo gah”) is a Danish term to describe a lovely feeling of coziness, comfort, and simplified living. Having a cup of warm tea or coffee while cozied up with a plush blanket is Hygge. Sitting around a warm crackling fire enjoying distraction-free conversation with friends and maybe even some smores and hot cocoa, that is also Hygge!

pexels-photo-1793025Regularly carving out time in your week, especially in the upcoming colder months, to incorporate Hygge can be a wonderful way to take a break from the busyness of modern life. There no peace like the kind of peace that comes from allowing yourself to truly unwind. I know this is something many of us, myself included can struggle with. Hygge encourages it.

Continue reading below for some Hygge tips and a list of activities you can do alone or with a companion!

Hygge Tips



The main goal here is to feel cozy and relaxed. Opt to incorporate some of the following elements into your environment:
Dim lighting – lamps, and candles
Comfy materials – clothes, blankets, socks
Pleasant aromas – seasonal candles, simmering spices on the stove, diffusing oils
Soft music – acoustic, instrumental

Be Fully Present


When practicing Hygge it’s extremely important to be fully present. This could mean turning off your phone and taking the time to disconnect from the outside world for the evening.

Feeling Connected To Yourself/Each Other


Hygge can be done alone or with a friend or loved one. If you are feeling any sort of disconnect with a friend, family member or spouse I really recommend planning a “Hygge Date”! Pick one or a few of the activities below and commit to turning your phones off and spending fully present quality time together. This can be such a wonderful and bonding thing, especially for couples.



One of the reasons I love the concept of Hygge is because it truly makes you feel so grateful for this life that we have. It forces you to stop and appreciate things.  It makes you feel thankful for the present moment. The more I incorporate Hygge in my life, the more I feel gratefulness for being alive. There are so many things to do and achieve in the world, but we cannot forget that life is a gift to be enjoyed as well. I strongly believe it’s both mentally and spiritually beneficial to become more comfortable with allowing ourselves simple pleasures, time to relax and especially time to genuinely connect with others (and ourselves).

15 Hygge Activities

Here are some wonderful ways to practice Hygge!

  1. Read a book
  2. Write in a journal
  3. Color in an adult (or kid!) coloring book
  4. Play an instrument
  5. Drink a warm beverage – mindfully without doing anything else
  6. Bake a delicious dessert or bread
  7. Wear your coziest pajamas and socks
  8. Play board games with a loved one under dim light
  9. Go for a walk – taking in the whole experience, feel the wind, step on the crunchy leaves, etc
  10. Paint something
  11. Take a warm bath with bubbles or a bath bomb in candlelight
  12. Knit or crochet
  13. Slowly and mindfully cook a meal and take time to enjoy eating it
  14. Bundle up, park somewhere nice and watch the sunset
  15. Make homemade hot chocolate


I hope that you enjoyed this post and I truly hope you will plan a Hygge night for yourself in the near future! Let me know in the comments below what Hygge means to you and what your favorite Hygge activity is! 🙂




7 thoughts on “How to Incorporate Hygge Into Your Life ( + a list of activities!)

  1. Hygge to me warm candles. Sound machine the background with a warm cup of tea or coffee. Or relaxing in the deck with a good book and blanket in the fall! Excellent post!!

    1. It’s definitely challenging at first since the world we live in is so focused on productivity. But when you really think about life.. we only get one. There needs to be time set aside just to guiltlessly enjoy being ❤ I hope you’re able to get some hygge time in soon!

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