WIML: Celebrations & Father’s Day

WIML: Celebrations & Father’s Day

This past weekend was a packed one, that is for sure!


On Thursday, we got to spend some time with our niece Olivia and took her out to dinner to celebrate her graduating middle school AND winning 1st place in her school’s talent show! She sang “A Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid and did amazing! We are so proud of her and she is such a wonderful older cousin to Julia, they always have a blast together.


On Friday we visited Kevin’s dad, my father in law, for an early Father’s Day visit since we would be having a busy next two days. We spent some time there and also were able to pick up Julia’s flower girl dress. Julia was asked last year to be a flower girl for our friends Sarah and Nick’s wedding and the wedding was finally almost here! My mother in law knew someone who tailored her dress for us for free and it came out perfect! Later that night we attended the rehearsal for the wedding. Julia was of course being a typical toddler exploring the church while we waited for the whole wedding party to arrive. When it came time to practice going down the aisle with the other flower girl (a super sweet four year old. Julia gave her a hug as soon as she saw her and knocked the poor thing to the ground by accident!) they both did great!

Saturday morning was wedding day! I admit it was such a surreal feeling. Sarah has been a close friend of mine for over ten years now. It’s so crazy to think that when we first met in gym class we were just two teenagers barely knowing where life would take us, and now we are at the place in life where we are getting married, having babies, etc and still friends through it all. I feel so blessed to have a friend like Sarah in my life and I can’t believe my baby got to be in her wedding! The flower girls did great on the wedding day as they did during the rehearsal and after it was all said and done there was a sweet moment where they were twirling around in their big poofy dresses.IMG_8747

The wedding reception was wonderful and Kevin and I enjoyed a kid-free date night while Julia got to hang out with her auntie and cousin Olivia.


Sunday was Father’s Day! This was Kevin’s 2nd Father’s Day and we recreated a picture that we took last year. I wonder how many years we can get Julia to cooperate for this? 🙂

We had a pretty low key day since the weather wasn’t too great and we visited my dad in the afternoon. While visiting with my dad Julia got to play with her cousin Willow too. She is so lucky to have two older cousins that love her so much!

and that was our weekend! It was so busy, so much so that Julia slept in till 6:45am this Monday morning which is not like her at all! She was a busy bee the past few days! 🙂

Have a great week!


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